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I am temporary home || Mixed Media Installation 2022 

The ideal construct of home that society has planted in my head has always been connected to something like a place or something material. I know this place and I know how it feels. I have always tried to reach that state, that I took for something permanent. Every time I got to this point, the feeling disappeared in the twinkling of an eye. 
Over the course of time, I have found out that this notion which has been sold as something constant, shows its best when there is change, a departure or an arrival. It constructs itself when I move. 
The installation “I am temporary home” is an attempt to fusion these memories and feelings to a physical and available place. A place of gratitude, that should always remind us that everything will fall into place. 
The participative installation invites you to leave an object of your choice to extend the installation, and as an exchange a wish will be granted to you. 
The Art installation is very inspired by the countless sacred places of St. Expedite which can be manly found on La Réunion Island.

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